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20+ years of building experience. From new homes, renovations, additions and modular homes, we have all the experience necessary to build a home for you and your family.

Personal attention to detail is what
B. Smith & Company strive for. From land clearing to landscaping, from the first nail to the last drop of paint and everything in between, Brian Smith himself will oversee every detail. This is what makes B. Smith & Company unique and trustworthy.
New Homes
From land clearing to landscaping, the first nail to the last drop of paint, we will do it all!
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Turning houses into beautiful homes!
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Exclusive dealer of
A different kind of home
built with pride and integrity.
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Beautiful and sturdy stone walls, fireplaces, chimneys, stairs & more...
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The details and our custom designed interiors are what really turns an average house into an astonishing home. Our intricate tile-work will amaze you in it's detail. Our custom ceilings will astonish you in their creativity.

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